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Tradier Review: Commission-Free Trading for Investors and more

Tradier offers commission-free trading, options trading, a full-service platform for investors, providers, and developers.

Tradier is a fintech brokerage company that provides commission-free trading for individual investors as well as an innovative trading platform for advisors, providers, and developers.

Tradier's customizable trading platform supports a wide range of integrated platform options for any trader. For $10 a month, investors get an unlimited number of commission-free equity and options trades.

Active traders can save time and money with Tradier's pricing structure. Tradier has an alternative equity and option payment structure at $0 per order and $0.35 per contract with no ticket charge or ticket minimums.

Tradier for Individual Investors

Tradier is best for self-directed retail investors that like having access to market data, active investors who buy and sell regularly, investors interested in building a portfolio around equity and options, and day traders focused on stocks, ETFs, and options.

Types of Securities on Tradier.

Tradier allows individual investors to trade multiple types of securities like:

  • The Exchange and National Market System (NMS) listed stocks including major stock exchanges such as NYSE and Nasdaq, ETFs, and listed options (equity, index, and ETF).
  • Mutual funds and bonds are available (except for municipal securities), but these must be manually placed via a phone call to a broker on their trade desk.
  • Tradier currently does not accept orders OTCBB securities, futures, cryptocurrency, or fractional shares.

Tradier Brokerage, Inc. — a member FINRA and SIPC is an independent subsidiary of Tradier, Inc.

Trading hours at Tradier

Tradier offers pre-market trading as well as after-hours trading.

  • Pre-market trading hours are from 7:00 to 9:28 AM EST.
  • After-hours trading are from 4:00 to 7:55 PM EST.

Funding Tradier Brokerage account.

Investors can open a Tradier Brokerage cash account with as little as $10 using 1 of these four options:

  • ACH Transfer – Transfers made before 3:00 EST will be posted in about 2-3 hours but may be subject to a hold depending on existing balances.
  • Check Deposit – Deposits made via check will typically post within 1 business day.
  • Wire Transfer – Wire transfers will be booked into accounts as soon they are received. This is typically 2-5 hours from when they are sent from the originating bank.
  • ACAT Transfer – If there are no issues with the transfer, the typical time for ACAT transfers is 5-7 business days.

Options Trading on Tradier.

Tradier offers options trading for retail traders and investors with access to professional-grade software, proprietary data and analytics, and rapid trade execution.

Active options traders get live options market data on Tradier’s Realtime streaming APIs.

Investors that want to trade options must first be approved by Tradier in order to evaluate whether the investor understands the risks associated with the various levels of options trading. Options trading on Tradier requires the following minimum account values.

  • To write uncovered puts, there is a $10,000 minimum.
  • To write uncovered calls, there is a $50,000 minimum.
  • To write uncovered Index options, there is a $100,000 minimum.

There is a $10 per monthly fee but no contract fees.

Day Trading on Tradier.

Day traders are subject to the Pattern Day Trading rules that apply to margin accounts. Margin accounts are allowed to have three-day trades take place in a rolling five-day period. A fourth-day trade during this period would flag the investor as a Pattern Day Trader.

Pattern Day Traders must start each day with at least $25,000 equity. If a Pattern Day Trader account drops below $25,000 no purchases can be made until the account value is brought back up to $25,000.

Tradier offers margin trading

Margin trading is available through Tradier. Tradier’s current margin rate is 5.25%. Margin trading lets you take out a loan to buy stocks. Whether you add to your bottom line with trades or take a loss, you'll have to repay the loan to the brokerage firm.

Tradier for Advisors

With Tradier APIs and business services, Advisors can launch a digital advisory platform in no time.  Advisory APIs are tailor-made with advisory needs in mind. Make your entry into the market smooth with help navigating compliance and regulatory issues.

Tradier for Developers

Developers get programmatic access to their Tradier Brokerage account at no additional cost. Developers can unlock all the functionality of their accounts through code. The same APIs used across Tradier's platforms and websites are made available to developers for personal use.

Create your own experience and take control over your data and execute on your own terms. Developers get access to a full-range of services in a scalable, secure, and easy-to-use REST-based API.

Tradier for Providers

Businesses get access to a full-range of services in a scalable, secure, and easy-to-use REST-based API. Tradier financial platforms allow you to offer trading, market data, account management, and brokerage — instantly through robust APIs.

Tradier for Educators

Tradier partners with educators working with traders at all levels. Whether educating a beginner or an expert, Tradier will support you in your efforts.

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