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Debit Cards

Top metal debit cards that are stunning and easy to get

If you like the look and feel of metal credit cards but not the annual fees associated with getting one, metal debit cards make a great substitute. These top checking accounts offer all customers stunning metal debit cards.

Second Chance Banks

What is second chance banking

Second chance banking offers people that have been locked out of traditional banks an opportunity at a fresh start.

Credit Card Offers

Does canceling a credit card hurt your credit scores

Canceling credit cards can do more to hurt your credit scores than help. Even if you’re not using a credit card, it’s better to leave it open or run the risk of tanking your scores.

Free Checking

5 Nationwide Online Checking Accounts that are Free

Checking Accounts That Are Free: Monthly checking fees can eat up your money without you even noticing it. Don’t pay to use your own money, these free checking accounts can be opened nationwide and save you up to $144 a year.

Online Banking

5 Best Online Banks For Free Checking and Savings Accounts

The best online banks offer free checking, high-interest savings, free bill payment, functional, clean-looking apps that allow for many self-service transactions along with an easy way to transfer and receive money quickly.

Checking Accounts

5 Ways CIT Bank makes banking easy with eChecking

CIT Bank is an online bank known for its competitive annual percentage yields (APYs) on its savings account and they also have a checking account that makes banking easy. The bank is available for people in ALL States and is headquartered in Pasadena, California. There are no physical branch locations.

Black Owned Banks

Citizens Trust Bank: 2020 Black-Owned-Bank Review

Citizens Trust Bank is a black-owned bank headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia with assets totaling $429 million. They offer checking, savings and money market accounts plus mortgage products, and credit cards.

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