Get the best bank bonus now without a direct deposit requirement

Banks and customers benefit when bank bonuses are offered. Find out how to get the best bank bonus now without a direct deposit requirement.
best-bank-bonus-now-without a direct-deposit-requirement

One way banks compete for new customers is to offer a bank bonus to open a new checking or savings account. It's a great practice for banks as well as customers.

But many bank bonus offers require setting up a direct deposit, to qualify for the bonus which is not feasible for everyone. Some employees prefer to receive a paper check.

Find out how to get the best bank bonus now without a direct deposit requirement.

Best bank bonus now without a direct deposit requirement

The Aspiration Spend & Save Account offers a $150 sign-up bonus without a direct deposit requirement. The Spend & Save Account is similar to a checking account that earns interest, has no monthly fees and offers cash back on purchases made with your debit card.

Follow these 3 easy steps to get a $150 bonus added to your new account:

  • Open your Aspiration Spend & Save Account with at least $10.
  • Use your Aspiration debit card to make at least $1,000 of cumulative transactions within the first 60 days of opening your account. The purchase requirement can be easily achieved simply by using your debit card for everyday purchases and bills like groceries, gas, utilities.
  • Once you’ve met the requirements, you’ll receive the money in the form of a statement credit within 120 days of account opening.

Note: Customers who opt for the free monthly account receive $150, and customers who opt into Aspiration Plus $7.99 monthly plan receive $200.

What Does the Aspiration Spend & Save Account Offer?

  • Unlimited fee-free withdrawals at over 55,000 Allpoint ATMs.
  • No monthly Service Fee.
  • Get paid up to 2 days early if you have direct deposit.
  • Digital debit card access while you wait for your physical card to be mailed.
  • Up to 10% cash back on debit card purchases from the Spend part of the account.
  • Earn 0.25% APY on the first $10,000 in the Save part of the account, and then 0.10% APY on any funds over $10,000.
  • Choose your own monthly fee.
  • Cell phone protection.
  • Identity fraud expense reimbursement.

Aspiration sustainable and charitable banking

Many banks use profits to fund fossil fuel exploration and production that may cause harm to the climate.

Aspiration does not use customer deposits to fund any actions that may be harmful to the environment. Instead, Aspiration's Planet Protection feature keeps track of the carbon output of all of your gas purchases to buy offsets to help counter the impact of your carbon footprint on the environment.

Aspiration donates ten cents of every dollar of its earnings to charitable activities expanding economic opportunity. For example, one of their partners is Accion U.S. Network, America’s largest provider of micro-loans to struggling Americans transform their lives through entrepreneurship.

Aspiration Investing

Aspiration customers can invest in the Redwood Fund, a fossil-fuel-free fund that invests in companies that engage in sustainable environmental and employee practices. The minimum opening deposit is $10.

Aspiration Retirement Account

If you’re planning to save for retirement, there’s also a Redwood Individual Retirement Account (IRA) that provides the same sustainable investment options. The minimum initial deposit is $10 and you can make additional contributions into the account with as little as $1.

Final thoughts

You don't have to miss out on bank bonus offers due to a direct deposit requirement. Aspiration Spend & Save Account offers the best bank bonus now without a direct deposit requirement. Plus, with Aspiration, you can do well for yourself and do good for the world by supporting a bank that does not fund fossil fuel projects with customer deposits and donates 10% of its profits to charity.

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